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we offer the freedom of rental without all the hassle. let's connect and find out how Golden Ember can work for you.

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commission pay structure

We set a competitive commission rate so you can focus on doing what you love. Enjoy more time to perfect your craft while we take care of the business side of things!

set your own hours

Create a salon schedule that works for YOU. You can be here as many or as few hours as you'd like.

limitless vacation time

Don't miss out on life's important moments. We're the most flexible employer around with unlimited time off for family vacations, travel, and everything in between. We know that if you're happy, your work shines.

set your own services & pricing

You get to set your own prices based on your value and what you want to earn. Because you determine your own hourly price, it gives you complete control of your income. You get to choose what services you'd like to offer so you can thrive and specialize in your craft.

no binding contracts or non-competes

You have total freedom to freelance or work at other salons. As long as you're here when you say you'll be, we don't mind.

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expand your horizons

We are here to help you succeed. With live and online education, monthly coaching, and an open invitation to observe and shadow, you'll grow as a stylist and evolve with the times.

no charge for back bar or color

We've got you covered with everything you need to do your craft.

join our team today!

If you're looking for a big career improvement with limitless potential, Golden Ember is looking for you! We value culture, creativity, and teamwork. We're growing our team and would love to get to know you and discuss how we can change your work/life balance. If you feel like this would be a good fit, please fill out the form below. We can set up a coffee date and tour of the salon.

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