color correction

consultation required
The term color correction is generally reserved for a color service in which there is a large amount of “fixing” going on. This could include going light after a box color or at home color attempt; unsightly banding or stripes from improper foiling or balayage techniques; removing dark colors from the hair as you move toward lighter, blonder tones; or restoring more natural tones into a full head (global) bleach.

Color correcting takes longer than most color services because of the nature of the science and art behind correcting these common issues. The service time you need will be based on where you are starting, where you want to go, and how quickly you want to or can possibly achieve your goal.

Please reach out directly to your stylist, or submit a new guest form so that we can help you know the process for your corrective color service. When uploading pictures, please try to show us the worst areas of your hair that represents your corrective color needs. Specifically bands or splotches in the interior of your hair, or uneven tones throughout your hair.